Body and Paint Work

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Body and Paint Work

Quality Paint Work

Body Work

Properly repairing today’s vehicles requires expert knowledge and specialized equipment. From minor dings to major collision repair, Two Brother’s Auto Body’s skilled technicians have the experience, knowledge and equipment to expertly restore your vehicle to pre-loss condition.

Paint Work

We have made a major investment in one of the finest state-of-the-art heated paint booths available. Nearly all new vehicles use a two or even three stage paint process: The basecoat provides excellent metallic and solid colors in a very thin, fast-drying layer. The clearcoat provides the high-gloss finish, along with ultraviolet protection from the sun. The two and three stage processes provide greater depth of finish, superior gloss and durability and allow for blending to provide color matching on difficult colors. We take every precaution to insure that the final finish matches your original paint in both appearance and quality.